Patrick Mahomes slings no-look pass, upends entire game of football

You already know Patrick Mahomes is like the love child of Tom Brady and Joe Montana. But now we’ve got to throw a little Magic Johnson into the mix, as you can see in the video above.

Yes, that’s a damn no-look pass on an NFL field. Mahomes caught Demarcus Robinson for a 17-yard gain on a drive that would end in a field goal to close out the first half of Kansas City’s game against the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs went on to beat the Ravens 27-24 in overtime behind Mahomes’ 377 yards passing and two touchdowns.

You already know that Mahomes is rewriting the quarterback position, taking full advantage of relaxed penalty rules to pile up yards by the truckload. If he’s able to start throwing passes without even needing to look at his receiver, though, we might be looking at a whole new level of football.

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