Shanahan on Mahomes no-look pass: ‘I do it all the time’

Much of the NFL world was amazed by Patrick Mahomes’ no-look pass in the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Baltimore Ravens last week, but for Kyle Shanahan it was not such a big deal.

The San Francisco 49ers head coach was asked about Mahomes and his knack for making incredible improvisational plays during his news conference ahead of the Niners’ game with the Seattle Seahawks.

Mahomes found DeMarcus Robinson with a no-look pass late in the second quarter against the Ravens, drawing widespread amazement, though not from Shanahan.

Asked if he had ever seen anybody complete a no-look throw before, Shanahan said: “Jeff Garcia used to do it all the time. I remember one specifically, Rex Grossman did it in a game. He used to always do it in practice. He ran off the sidelines and told me he did it in the game. I didn’t believe him, but when we saw the tape, it was right on.”

“It’s great in zone. I do it all the time in group install,” Shanahan smiled. “It’s really good for zone coverages and you better know what peoples’ responsibility is and where they are.”

Having been a ball boy for the 49ers and the Denver Broncos in his youth and served as an offensive coordinator for numerous teams, Shanahan has plenty of experience of being around talented quarterbacks.

And he believes Mahomes compares well with Broncos legend and now general manager John Elway.

“He’s extremely talented and there’s been extremely talented people. So, I wouldn’t say [he’s] revolutionary,” Shanahan explained.

“But I’d say what everyone is saying is right on. I mean, I haven’t sat and studied him, his NFL game, which would give a much better answer. But, what you can see that’s very obvious is how talented he is.

“He reminds me, just the way he moves, the way he throws, the way he looks in the pocket, he looks like John Elway to me.

“I’m not saying he’s John Elway, but if I would compare him to someone, just the arm talent, the mobility, his lower half and how he sits with his shoulders, it’s who he reminds me of when I watch him move.”

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