NFL investigating laser pointed at Patriots’ Tom Brady from Arrowhead stands

Green laser pointed from stands?

The NFL is investigating after it appears someone in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium was pointing a laser at Patriots QB Tom Brady during the AFC championship game. (Getty Images)

On Monday night, William Joy of KMBC began tweeting clips shot by one of the station’s photographers, Turner Twyman, that show a green dot on the side of Brady’s silver helmet. The dot dances around the helmet and facemask, and onto Brady’s jersey.

After going through the film, Joy said they saw the green dot show up on Brady at least three times: on a handoff to Sony Michel, on a pass for Chris Hogan and on a pass for Rob Gronkowski.

The NFL has confirmed it is investigating the incident. Kansas City police are not currently investigating.

A fan also ran onto the field during the second half of the game on Sunday.

Lasers banned at games

Lasers can be harmful when pointed directly into eyes, but at minimum can be distracting; because of this, they are banned from sporting events. But such pointers are usually small enough to be easily hidden from security in a pants or jacket pocket.

Detroit Lions fan was found to have pointed a laser at Buffalo Bills players during a 2014 game. That fan pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, paid a fine and was sentenced to 80 hours of community service. The fan was at the game as a guest of a season-ticket holder, and the team revoked those tickets.

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