LaVar Ball: I have no relationship with LeBron James

Before last season, LaVar Ball predicted LeBron James would sign with the Lakers. Even just reading the quote, you could practically see LaVar’s smiling about the increased attention that’d bring him. Having his son, Lonzo Ball, on the Lakers already gave LaVar a significant platform. Add LeBron and the ensuing hoopla, and LaVar’s spotlight would widen and intensify even further.

But, when LaVar attracts attention, it’s often through agitation.

He rankled LeBron last year by discussing LeBron’s sons. Once LeBron actually signed with the Lakers, LaVar declared them Lonzo’s, not LeBron’s team.

The idea that LaVar could create headaches for LeBron – to the point LeBron gets Los Angeles to trade Lonzo – didn’t seem far-fetched.

But LaVar has laid low this season.

LaVar, via TMZ:

“I really don’t have a relationship with LeBron,”

“I like it. He ain’t done nothing bad to me, I ain’t done nothing bad to him. So, as long as we good, we’ll be all right.”

Obviously, LeBron wants it this way. His appreciation for Lonzo has even grown amid the calm.

But how long until LaVar pipes up? To be fair to him, though, so far so good with not causing problems since LeBron joined the Lakers.

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