Mark Sanchez leads reported list of bad QBs Redskins would rather have than Colin Kaepernick

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith suffered a gruesome season-ending leg injury in Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans.

Backup Colt McCoy filled in admirably enough in leading a pair of touchdown drives and has a leg up on the starting job for the rest of the season, but Washington needs to add another quarterback to the roster. There is nobody behind McCoy on the depth chart.

Redskins already scheduling QB visits
ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the team has scheduled workouts Monday for a group that includes Mark Sanchez, EJ Manuel and T.J. Yates.

A name that’s not on that list? Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Bad QBs have received plenty of work this season
Of course this is a familiar and not-at-all unexpected storyline in a season full of teams passing on the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback in favor of bad quarterback play.

The Buffalo Bills have started Derek Anderson and Nathan Peterman (twice!) this season with rookie Josh Allen injured.

The Jacksonville Jaguars benched the perennially poor Blake Bortles and gave him his job back, neglecting to address a critical weakness on a team that otherwise is built to compete for a Super Bowl.

The 49ers themselves have entrusted what was supposed to be a breakout season before Jimmy Garoppolo suffered an ACL tear with the likes of C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens.

Redskins could bring in proven Kaepernick
And now we have Washington, a team in first place in the NFC East deep into the season looking at bringing in the guy best-known for the butt fumble. All while NBC Sports reports that Kaepernick wants to play.

Granted, Buffalo has nothing to play for, but Washington, San Francisco and Jacksonville have all played for legitimate stakes at one point during the season and declined to sign a quarterback who is a proven, effective starter in the NFL.

Kaepernick’s stats are undeniable
And before the chorus of Kaepernick hate begins, here are his stats.

In 2016 – his final year in San Francisco – Kaepernick tallied a 90.7 quarterback rating while throwing 16 touchdowns and four interceptions with an average of 7.2 yards per attempt through 12 games. He averaged 6.8 yards per rush while tallying 468 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

This is the same quarterback who was a play away from winning a Super Bowl and has an 88.9 career quarterback rating and a better than 2-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio for his career while averaging 6.1 yards per rush.

By comparison, Sanchez has a career rating of 73.9 while throwing as many interceptions (86) as he has touchdowns.

If you can look at those stats and still argue that Kaepernick is not a quality starter in the league, then that is a you problem.

Redskins fans should demand a Kaepernick workout
Kaepernick is not a superstar. But he’s a very good quarterback who would gladly be welcomed to a contending team in need of quarterback help in normal circumstances.

But these are, of course, not normal circumstances.

Kaepernick’s collusion case against the NFL carries on as teams demonstrate over and over again that they would rather bail on the season than sign him.

Washington provides the latest case of unassailable evidence Kaepernick is too toxic to a league terrified of President Donald Trump’s anti-kneeling wrath.

For Washington fans who had hopes of a division title and playoff run, they should be furious.

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