LeBron James reiterates desire to play with his son in the NBA

Want to know how long Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wants to play in the NBA? Just keep an eye on his son. James is hoping to last long enough in the league that he can share the court with his son.

James shared that thought during an appearance on the Tim Ferriss Show.

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Jovan Buha

LeBron James told @tferriss he wants to see the floor with Bronny, meaning he’d play in the league for at least another 5-6 years (via The Tim Ferriss Show podcast): http://bit.ly/2TOvHgV

3:07 AM – Nov 28, 2018 · Culver City, CA
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James said he would love to play with his son, LeBron James Jr., in the NBA. LeBron Jr. is currently in eighth grade, so that would mean LeBron James Sr. would have to keep playing in the NBA for five or six more years, depending on whether the current eligibility rules remain in place.

It’s not the first time James Sr. has expressed that desire. He mentioned the possibility to GQ in 2017, and reiterated it in an interview with ESPN in June.

A lot would have to go right for it to actually happen. James Sr. would need to still be playing five or six years from now. While he’s one of the greatest of all-time, expecting him to stick around until he’s 40 could be tough. On top of that, his son needs to prove he’s a legitimate NBA prospect. James Jr. has been a standout player in eighth grade, but that’s a long way from the NBA.

It would be a lot of fun, though. So few athletes have had the opportunity to share the court — or the field — with their children. If it happens, the James family would share a unique connection with the Griffey family and the Bonds family.

In both of those cases, the younger player was better than their dad. No pressure, James Jr.

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