Tony Romo doesn’t mention Cowboys as one of the major threats to win Super Bowl

Tony Romo may have spent 13 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, but he’s not going to let that cloud his judgement as an analyst. As part of the CBS broadcasting team, Romo will call the Super Bowl for the first time. When asked what teams he expects to see in the big game, Romo did not mention his former club.

Instead, Romo picked the Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams as the teams with the best shot at reaching the Super Bowl, according to USA Today.

“I think the home teams have an advantage more so now than probably in some other years,” Romo said Thursday inside the CBS Broadcast Center as part of the network’s Super Bowl media day. “There’s no perfect answer here. The Chiefs are the most explosive team. It’s hard to go win in New England. It’s hard to go win in New Orleans. I think the Rams, if they can stop the run, might be the best team in the NFL. But they haven’t been able to stop the run lately.”

Put more plainly, he picked the favorites.

It’s tough to blame Romo for that. Even the most optimistic Cowboys fans would have to admit the team faces a tough road to the Super Bowl. It’s not impossible, but it’s tough to confidently pick the Cowboys over the Saints or the Rams.

While some Cowboys fans might take issue with Romo’s snub, it’s pretty refreshing to hear a former player give an honest answer without trying to praise his old team. That doesn’t mean Romo hates the Cowboys now, it just means he’s taking his new job seriously.

And don’t worry, Cowboys fans, Romo still spoke positively about the team.

“If you look at the front seven of the Cowboys, they’re going to be in every game because the defense you just can’t go up and down the field on them. You just can’t. This will be one of their tougher tests this week because their defense will keep them in the game. But you just have to score a touchdown in the second half at the right moment. And if you do, the Cowboys are absolutely in a position in which they can win the Super Bowl.”

See, no big deal. Romo still has love for the Cowboys. But is willingness to give honest answers and not allow his biases to slip into his commentary is a major reason his transition to the broadcast booth has gone so well.

Those qualities should make Romo and entertaining addition to the Super Bowl no matter what teams get there.

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