‘You’re too old!’: Watch Patriots’ Julian Edelman uniquely hype up Tom Brady

Julian Edelman, left, had a unique way of hyping up teammate Tom Brady during the AFC title game. (AP)

Rightly or wrongly, the New England Patriots have been playing up the notion that they’re underdogs this postseason.

When the playoffs began, they heard — or likely were told in a team meeting — that most NFL pundits were questioning them after their uneven 11-5 regular season; that tight end Rob Gronkowski is a shell of himself; that the offense isn’t what it used to be; that 41-year-old Tom Brady is too old.

After their divisional-round win over the Los Angeles Chargers, Brady said, “I know everybody thinks we suck.”

And the Patriots are playing it up even when they’re not speaking directly to media.

‘You’re too [expletive] old!’

During Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” which aired on Tuesday night, there was on-field sound from both championship games. New England receiver Julian Edelman was wearing a microphone during the AFC championship game and delivered this gem of a soundbite after Brady’s 29-yard touchdown pass to Phillip Dorsett with 33 seconds left in the first half.

“Nice [expletive] ball! Nice [expletive] ball!,” Edelman yells at Brady on the sideline after the score, which gave the Patriots a 14-0 lead.

The two slap hands and Brady says, “Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby.”

As Edelman walks away, he turns back to Brady, his teammate for 11 years.

“You’re too [expletive] old! You’re too old!,” he shouts.

It’s certainly a unique way to be a hype man.

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