Let’s all watch Patrick Mahomes drive golf balls into the ether

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) can hit a golf ball pretty well, too. (AP)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) can hit a golf ball pretty well, too. (AP)

Go figure, Patrick Mahomes — the soon-to-be NFL MVP and son of a major-league pitcher — can hit a golf ball pretty well too.

Mahomes is apparently blowing off some steam after a rough AFC championship game loss by taking his frustration out on some golf balls. Along with Kansas City Chiefs teammate Gehrig Dieter, Mahomes stopped by Top Golf to hit a few, and posted the video to Twitter.

Can we talk about the form? He looks more like Mike Trout than Jordan Spieth, with the baseball stance and bat/club waggle. He’s pretty much hitting the balls in the alley between right and center field than down the fairway.

Still, he hits ’em hard. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given how big and athletic he is, nor should it be a big shock that he gets it done with an unconventional form. He’s the same player making the no-look pass a thing.

Mahomes was perhaps the best thing about the NFL this season, and will be fun to watch for years to come. While we wait for the Chiefs’ next game, hopefully we get see what other non-football things Mahomes can excel at.

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