Patriots skip walk-through, invite friends and family to stadium

The Patriots didn’t bother with a walk-through practice on the day before the Super Bowl.

Instead, they just went to Mercedes-Benz Stadium and allowed all the friends and family of the team — some 800 guests — to join them for their final day before the final game of the season.

“This breaks up the day and lets them participate in it with their families,” Patriots coach Belichick told pool reporter Jenny Vrentas. “This is a dream for every player to play in this game, so to be able to share it with loved ones and family is special. We have tried to embrace it.”

Belichick said he was glad to give the players a day to relax before the big game.

“It’s fun to see them having fun,” Belichick said. “They’ve earned it. You’ve gotta earn your way here; there is no other way to get here. So it’s very satisfying to see them having fun and enjoying each other and having the camaraderie that comes with getting to the game.”Reblog

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